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Welcome to ToyChamber.com

I've listed all the items I currently have for sale, but I will periodically add new items as I get them. You can e-mail me directly with specific questions, but please use the cart feature if you want to order items. This makes it much easier for me to track items and avoid double-selling items. You can also ask for clarification on an item through the cart process, though, and should feel free to drop any items. Just let me know if you decide to cancel any part of an order.

NOTE: Because of how my system is set up, using the shopping cart does not automatically remove items from inventory. I do this manually after the sale is confirmed. Thus, some items shown may be sold, although I make updates every few days. This is why I ask you to wait for confirmation of availability before sending payment.

Thank you for visiting toychamber.com! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at todd@toychamber.com